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Fringe Phenomena 1 and 2 brought two sides of a coin together in a loose sleeve, see
Fringe Phenomena 3 shows yet another facet of the vision in a stand alone version with a suitably altered design.

“It’s a beautifully understated selection and an intriguing book.
You are drawn in by full-page images in an unforced, fluid way.
I know very few artists who remain unpretentious, they usually overdose on self-satisfaction.
Fringe Phenomena 3 rocks!”

Willem van Zoetendaal, book designer

"The photographer André Thijssen has eyes that don't miss anything.
With this third book in the series 'Fringe Phenomena' he proves again that he looks constantly beyond the ordinary.
Look for yourself and broaden your imagination."

Erik Kessels, co founder and creative director of KesselsKramer.

"The process whereby André Thijssen selects this image but rejects another must be so strange because he defies all the rules of what is and isn't a 'proper', 'good' image.
All art and writing is editing, it's about what isn't there."

Ted Polhemus, antropologist, writer, photographer.

"If I could see like André Thijssen I would still be a photographer."

Hans Aarsman, photo detective, writer.

"As we might have suspected, Andre Thijssen continues to surprise—and enchant—us with his peripheral vision of our familiar worlds.
His uncanny ability to see sideways upends our expectations and tugs at our senses by creating visual rhymes, koans, puzzles and poems.
Enter the free verse of Fringe Phenomena 3 at your own risk."

Stephen Doyle, founder, creative director DoylePartners.

"Allow yourself to wander in the world of André Thijssen, proving there's always another unexpected point of view."

Chris Reinewald, MuseumVisie


About the Author

André Thijssen
andret Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Born: Vlaardingen, The Netherlands, lives and works in Amsterdam.
Fine art photographer, filmer and image maker for editorial- and cultural publications.
Guest teacher/lecturer at: KASK, Ghent Belgium - School of Visual Arts, New York USA -
Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Capetown, South Africa - HKU Utrecht, Netherlands -
KABK, The Hague, Netherlands - The Design Academy, Eindhoven, Netherlands.

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HansWolf says

André Thijssen's pictures are mysteries and remain that way for ever... fortunately.

posted at 08:30am Sep 10 PST


pfaassen says

beautiful new edit from his Fringe archive.
Jump right on top of it and get wondered about the unusual of the ordinairy.

posted at 12:18am Sep 05 PST


metropix says

Several in-depth articles have been written about Thijssen that are worth reading if this photographer is new to you (Google him), but I've been familiar with his work since being introduced to it in a small photo gallery in Amsterdam some time in the early Eighties and he has continued to surprise and excite me with his unusual view of the world, especially of things that we ordinarily pass by or pass over without giving it a second glance, if we even notice anything at all. André Thijssen is here to make us aware that maybe, just maybe, we're only half alive, or at the very least only half aware of our surroundings. Great book by a great photographer!

posted at 12:30pm Sep 04 PST


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