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Art to me is always a constant journey of learning, making mistakes and mostly having fun. I've tried quite a few mediums and while I am currently in a digital painting phase, I still love the traditional 'paint and canvas' - for one thing, you can hang them once they're done, whereas with digital you have to go get a print, or look at it on line. I had so much fun with digital painting that I put this book together for myself for my 50th Birthday this year, and included a few other non digital works too. Just a little look into my art world. I hope you enjoy it.


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Sally Ann Rowland
sallyannart Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Self taught Artist living in the beautiful Bay of Quinte in Canada. I've painted in oils, acrylics and currently learning the joy of watercolours. My big passion at the moment is digital painting - less mess! I use Corel Painter 12, which I've had less than a year at this point, so I am still learning all the fun things it can do. The great thing about being an artist is that you are not limited to any particular medium or style, so exploring is definitely part of the ongoing journey.

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sallyannart says

Betty, the image wrap is where the images for front and back cover etc are printed directly onto the book. I was going to pick that option, but spoiled myself and got the dust jacket - it's fab having it up with all the other 'real' books ;) I am super happy to have you included too - it's not only a collection of art, but also linking the people who have been on this little journey with me xxx

posted at 04:35am Sep 09 PST


bettydravis says

BTW, What is an image wrap book? I think I know, but please describe to me. Thanks - Betty

posted at 10:43pm Sep 08 PST


bettydravis says

Thanks for including the digital portrait you created of me and the iconic Clint Eastwood. I love it so much...and am honored to be in this book. Love your art, Sally, and will get copies of this book when my next royalty check comes in. I must have it in my collection. Thanks and hugs - Betty Dravis <3

posted at 10:41pm Sep 08 PST


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