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The Perfection Mirror shows us the mechanics of our experiences in life and reveals how to perfect them. The complete guide for self-transformation explained in simple terms - you've heard so much about "what" to do, this brings you the "HOW"

Embrace the wisdom in this book and you will make your life change in magical ways - no fluffy words or airy promises, this is REAL.
This is the key to unlocking your human evolutionary potential!


About the Author

Threebridges Foundation
Kara74 Perth, Western Australia

Threebridges is a not for profit charitable foundation - all proceeds go towards supplying the Perfection Mirror book to people in need around the world

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Kara74 says

"My family and I was out of town this weekend til earlier today bacause our house, as well as 3 others (4 houses in the property) were tented for fumigation. Well 2 nights ago robbers got inside 3 of the houses and stole from our neighbors. So 3 out of 4 houses got robbed and our house is the only one that was not broken in to! When we got the phone call from the neighbor I knew that our house was safe because I already released stealing/thief. Even though I am not healing as fast as I should be, I am so grateful and thankful for Dean and the Perfection Mirror book."

posted at 12:27am Jun 03 PST


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