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“In the end, all of A.K.’s buying and selling and chasing of Stutz automobiles came down to a no reserve public auction conducted on site by Christie’s.

As word spread among collectors, the village besieged by thousands of the serious and the curious who trampled through Miller’s property on the days of the preview and sale. Every one had their own reason for being there but there was an intimate understanding that they were witnessing the scattering of one of the great surviving collections of high quality barn fresh automobiles-cars as fantastic as the character who brought them together in East Orange, Vermont.

They knew they were witnessing a small bit of automotive history.” Dave Brownell

I photographed this collection in situ. Not only are there cars aplenty there are so many little other things in Miller’s barns the viewer is well rewarded for pouring over every page. The Stutz Stash of A. K. Miller also contains vintage photographs from Miller family album.


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