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Figurative Oil Paintings of heroic Women in the Landscape. A book of Katherine Taylor’s signature oil paintings . . . which employ the dramatic chiaroscuro lighting and luminous glazing that the timeless influences of the Old Masters have had on her painting treatment. What began as a classical Flemish art training early in her career eventually led to her experimentation with the methods of Baroque Realism, Classical Naturalism, and Russian Impressionism.

Art depicting the erotic and the esoteric, particularly in the Orientalist tradition prior to the turn of the 19th century, has deeply informed the subject matter that has become Taylor's primary inspiration. Contemporary women rendered under a subtle overlay of exotic architectural motifs, textiles, and landscape adds a rich and potent depth of beauty that is somewhat rare to find in figure work today. Taylor sees both the mythic and the heroic within ordinary women; this is her gift on canvas.

The result of Taylor's rigorous fine art background and personal introspection is a body of work representing technical virtuosity while maintaining the original passion and singularity of her world view. Her paintings have been described as “soulful and luminous.”

Taylor’s work has been included in juried exhibitions and private collections in the United States and Europe. She has exhibited in world-class galleries and continues to teach and lecture on art.


About the Author

Katherine Taylor
katay88 Bend, Oregon, USA
Katherine Taylor has created a life of art, culture and passion, beginning with years of teaching literature and history while studying oil painting in the Southwest with some of the best artists of the region. Now living in Central Oregon, Taylor is a professional artist who devotes herself to painting images saturated with visual metaphors and symbology. Taylor’s oil paintings are characterized by jewel colors, strong tonality, and a range of brushwork and palette knife application that creates lively, textured surfaces. She paints from life, from photograph and from imagination. Dreamy, mysterious settings showcase Taylor’s figurative images. The same attention to mood and lighting can be seen in her landscapes, still life, and portraiture. Taylor’s signature contemporary style still integrates the dramatic chiaroscuro lighting and luminous glazing of the Old Masters.

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