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in october of 2008, i journeyed with my aunt and four year-old son to lake erie in port clinton, ohio to scatter the ashes of my maternal grandmother, aka nana, who had passed away in march of 2004.

we (nana, my aunt and myself) had taken summer vacations to lake erie for a period of 11 consecutive years spanning throughout my childhood and early twenties, and it was nana's wish to have a portion of her remains set to sail on the wind in these places that to us had become sacred.

armed with my camera and with my own child by my side to give me inspiration and strength, i documented the event in photos and then added in splices and excerpts taken from old letters nana had sent to me, dusty and curling at the bottom of my cedar chest.

i feel as though her wishes were honored, and it was a cleansing experience for me, one which i will always remember.


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Jennifer Summer
jsummer Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
i feel as though i have been led by artistic expression my entire life. art, to me, is the most beautiful form of purging. you let it out, and the peace that comes from that seeps into your soul. it fills me up.

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norcup1971 says

PS love your work really well thought out.

posted at 12:33pm Dec 04 PST


norcup1971 says

Sorry to hear of your loss as i have also just lost my mum. She fought hard to win breast cancer so she could see her grandchildren grow up. We are due to scatter my mums ashes in spring at a small fishing town called Whitby on the east coast of Britian. My mum loved this place as all our childhood holidays were here.
Gone but never forgotten xxx

posted at 12:30pm Dec 04 PST


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