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This book is the result of an online collaboration between ' 111 ' international artists and photographers, where by simply utilising the infrastructure of the photo sharing website 'flickr' we have managed to communicate, interact and gather together a stunning collection of over 400 abstract and aesthetic photographic works!

For this project I have reorganised a series of virtual online curations toward interconnected progressions of sensual, thought provoking and emotive works. Selected carefully each double-page spread features a self-contained visual duet...these pairings are also integral to the flow of the sequence as a whole. This continuity allows the viewer to visit any page at will and embark on an intriguing journey into a complex and ethereal world of delicate changing moods.

A space involving unexpected movements of colour, shape and form, minimal tonal progressions with gentle transitions from dark to light and warm to cool, subtle textural, linear and conceptual relationships and occasional mysterious figurative apparitions. Ultimately inviting emotional responses via the poetic adventures of the imagination and the senses.


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azurebumble Dundee, Scotland.

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akiruna says

Hi I made my own book now. I want to thank you for your support that also encouraged me to do it.

posted at 12:57pm Dec 01 PST

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