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The Sonoran desert is often a solitary place, that's what we most think when we visit or hike it. In reality is a place teeming with life, from insects to mammals.
Author Juan Loza; take us to explore this amazing and mysterious land. With amazing landscape photography and the animals that inhabit this desert.
And to inspire to take care of our natural environment, this was a key inspiration for Juan to show its audience a look of the beautiful Natural Environment and to conserve what we have.


About the Author

Juan Loza
juanphoto Phoenix AZ
As a photographer and a naturalist, conservationist, I sincerely strive to capture the world and nature and using multi-disciplinary platforms to have a positive effect in the world. Juan Loza was born in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico and started taking pictures in 2010. He has had a passion for Art and the natural world since he was a child. He grabbed a camera when he was in his 20s and since then he been creating beautiful wildlife and nature photography with the message of conservation. He also loves to photograph fashion and take family portraits. He loves to experiment with different types of photography including Film and digital photography.
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