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You can't know me, I'm over there

A unique and natural beauty disrupted and fragmented by the equally singular and individualistic artist ink, offers up a personal self-determined boundary. A confident barrier that outwardly speaks of a yearning for isolation - to hide, to deflect, to protect; whilst also one that conversely calls out for a reveal - to be found, to be discovered, to be accepted.

This personal tension to protect and to promote is familiar to most. Leave me be. See me. Below the surface perhaps a secret fear that we are unknowable; or indeed a greater one that maybe no one wants to know.

The book records images from the photographic installation piece of the same name.

You can't know me, I'm over there
Photographic installation piece
Floating hand-cut C-type prints
Boxed-framed 1524mm X 605mm

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About the Author

Michael C Hughes
Dragoon1901 England
Fine Art Social Documentary Photographer Stylistically I am drawn towards fine art and social documentary photography. The photographic image has strong historical and cultural associations with loss and memory, and my work embraces these themes quite naturally.

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