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What's behind the pictures taken under the tinted lights? Ever felt alone surrounded by a crowd?

During an age where virtual communication overpowers simple tête-à-tête conversations makes it easy to get deceived. People begin hiding under their fabricated profiles, their smiling photos, and witty, yet irrelevant, remarks. Emotion has been reduced to clip art smiley faces, and laughter has been replaced with LOL.

In a world where everyone can be connected with a click of a mouse it seems that the connection is superficial and many people still feel alone. This book was written using the same media that separated all of us in order to bring us back together.

The contributors are individuals who are connected to through one network, most of whom I have no prior knowledge about except for their profile photos and names. There are no outside editors or promoters only the individuals within the network exchanging information electronically. The question that was posted for anyone to respond to was to write about a personal obstacle and its potential to contribute to their own growth. To achieve the most honest and real results, absolute freedom of style and language was allowed. Individuals were given the right to stay anonymous or take a pen name. Disclosure was unnecessary because the search was for depth and connection between networks aside from what is already known at face value.

The pieces are illustrated by digital photographs of autumn. As the season changes in our lives we must learn to adapt and grow in order to ready ourselves for even greater obstacles and likewise greater rewards. It’s not always effortless, but we can all take comfort that we are not alone. Being alone was my biggest fear and insecurity until now.


About the Author


As a person who loves life and living and there is nothing more important to me than capturing the right moment. I capture the moment in my heart and I try to express it through writing and photographs so I can share it with you.

As beautiful as the world may be, I’m fascinated with people...who they are and how they think. I aspire to be a medical doctor in order to further understand the clockwork of what it means to be a you and an I. Maybe I’ll get to change the world, maybe I’ll change your world.

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