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This is a complete collection of the photographs displayed in the Taubman Center of University of Michigan Hospitals between October 14 and December 6, 2013. The exhibition is part of the Gifts of Art Program and the hospital. Dr. Kelch is the former Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs at the University of Michigan.


About the Author

Robert (Bob) Kelch
rpkelch1 South Haven, Michigan

As a youngster I was keenly interested in art and photography as well as science. However, my desire to become a physician led me to concentrate on science and limit the time I could spend on artistic endeavors. Science and medicine also demanded that I look at matters in an analytical, dispassionate manner. Retirement has had a wonderful liberating effect on me and my perspective of all sorts of beautiful things and people. My wife and I love to travel and I love to try to capture some of the wonderful emotions we experience as we visit places new to us. You will notice that my interests are eclectic ranging from a macro close up of the Heart of a Blue Orchid to the beautiful landscape of the Jemez Lake in Valles Grande, New Mexico.
I use several Canon cameras and a variety of Canon and Sigma lenses. In the candid photo of me above, I am photographing grizzly bears in southwestern Alaska using a Canon EOS 6D camera with a Sigma 50-500 mm lens. I always shoot in RAW format

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