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"Ride into the Mirror [Bijlage voor moeder] " is een aanvulling op het grote boek "Ride into the Mirror [Op Stumpjumper en Trekky door Azië, Europa en Noord Amerika]". De oplage van dat boek was 240 pagina's en Geert van Keulen had de behoefte om verdere tekst en uitleg te geven. In een kleiner formaat en in zwart-wit kunt u lezen over de diepere achtergronden van de reis met treffende anekdotes en beschrijvingen van het leven "On the Road". Achterin dit boekje is een infographic geplaatst met de voornaamste statistieken van de reis. Deze bijlage telt 66 pagina's.


About the Author

Geert F.M. van Keulen
keulemens Bridgewater, South Australia

Geert van Keulen is an experienced traveller and making long solo trips is not unknown to him. In Australia he discovered a love for nature and for unspoiled wilderness. Hiking was his passion but a serious back injury ended that prematurely but he could continue his long journeys on the bike. Geert hiked long routes through New Zealand, Nepal, USA, Tasmania, and South Australia, and a two month hike through the French and Spanish Pyrenees from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean coast. In 1997 Geert was involved in a hiking accident that changed both the lives of his hiking partner Warren Macdonald and that of himself. This accident happened on tropical Hinchinbrook Island when a boulder broke off a mountain and fell on Warrens legs. They survived a horrific night in the rain and the 46 hours later Warren was rescued. This experience was later documented by Discovery Channel and released as "I Shouldn't Be Alive, Trapped Under A Boulder". It led to an invite by Oprah Winfrey.

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