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Every year, about 50 or so cyclists are informed by their loved ones that they are mad. These cyclists are made aware of this fact shortly after informing their friends and family members that they intend to ride their bicycle the length of Africa for four months, averaging about 125km a day for a total of over 11,000km.

The thought of cycling through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa may be a little daunting, but the adventures that we all know to be waiting out there on the road cannot be ignored.

I've documented these adventures from 2013, 1 day at a time, for all 94 days spent meandering our way south from Cairo to Cape Town in the hope that simply through my photographs you may feel every fantastic inch of our journey.

We removed ourselves from our everyday existence, pedalled far beyond the point we thought we could ever push ourselves to pedal, and found ourselves living out an amazing adventure that has changed our lives.

I sincerely hope, that whether you rode the tour, know someone who did, are about to embark on a tour of your own or are simply intrigued by how Africa would look from the saddle of a bicycle, you enjoy these pages and remember that having a little madness isn't all that bad sometimes.



About the Author

James Campbell
-james- Western Australia

In some form or another I have been a photographer since I was 16, it became my full time trade in 2010 and has taken my life down some amazing roads. A 4 month cycling adventure down the length of Africa was the most recent of those adventures and with my SLR and 35mm f1.4 I have found myself here on Blurb producing my first book. I hope you all enjoy!


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