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The book depicts my images on aluminum panels of existing humanoid robots that are re-situated in arbitrary environments. The robots were created and manufactured for purposes of companionship to humans (sources cited in book). It is the intangible intent that is portrayed here, the proximity to the uncanny valley, where the anthropomorphized appearance of these machines can satisfy a human craving for nostalgia, affection, and relatedness that could be construed as benevolent or possibly frightening. Whether posing as a family, or solo, they are situated in ways that show their projected imagined, desired places to be. I photographed these robots March 2013, in Zurich, Switzerland, at the exposition: ROROTS ON TOUR: World Congress and Exhibition of Robots, Humanoids and Cyborgs, organized by the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Department of Informatics at the University of Zurich, at which I am an alumni resident.


About the Author

Adrianne Wortzel
awortzel New York, New York, USA

Adrianne Wortzel creates interactive online works, robotic and telerobotic installations, performance productions, videos and writings. These works amplify historical and cultural perspectives by coupling fact with fiction in both physical and virtual networked environments.

Her work deploys narratives nascent to technological invention, often comparing its myriad methodologies in order to celebrate both the intuitive nature of invention and the solid armature of empirical knowledge which spawns it.

She is a Professor of Entertainment Technology and Emerging Media Technologies at New York City College of Technology, City University of New York.

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Publish Date  September 30, 2013

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  36 pgs Premium Paper, lustre finish

Category  Fine Art

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