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Third Edition - Limited to only 100 copies
Henry's Legacy is a compelling photo documentary highlighting the perseverance and hope of one of the worlds greatest cities. A city once known as the "Paris of the West" that grew into prominence during the gilded age led by automotive industrialists such as Henry Ford, the Dodge brothers and William Durant. A city also known as the "Arsenal of Democracy" that was the heart and soul of the Allied Forces war machine during World War II and played a critical role in the defeat of Nazi tyranny. As the global capital of the automotive industry known as "the Motor City" that was ultimately the prototype for the slow erosion of American "rust belt" cities due to the exodus to suburbia by the growing post-war middle classes, and the export of manufacturing to cheaper labor markets in the post industrial age. And now, a city often referred to as "the D" that is poised for a rebirth in the 21st century based on the foundation of its enduring cultural strengths.
Featuring the timeless photography of Brian Aldrich, Henry's Legacy artistically captures the complex character of the city through its industrial, architectural & cultural remains. Henry's Legacy is not a book that sets out to simply chronicle the decay of this great city. Of course, the ruins are an integral part of its unique character not unlike Athens or Rome, but Henry's Legacy transcends “ruin porn” to capture the complex essence of a great city; Detroit, Michigan.


About the Author

Brian Aldrich
BrianAldrich Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Brian was born a native son of the automotive industry in the home of Oldsmobile, Diamond Reo, and Michigan's capital, Lansing. Now living in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Brian spent the majority of his adult life living around the Motor City and will always affectionately consider Detroit his adopted hometown. Brian has had an interesting career path. He spent the first 12 years of his adult life as a culinary artist and accomplished chef de cuisine. After returning to university, he spent the next 12 years as a product development and commercial professional in the automotive industry. After an unexpected early retirement, Brian now practices his new life's passion as an emerging fine art photographer and food stylist. His photographic interests lie in documenting American culture, architecture, & industry as well as capturing his first life passion, food art, on film.
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