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Light, Shadows and Attitude, Principles of Photography is written as an introduction to the fascinating world of photography. The book is intended for beginners and enthusiast contemplation the possibility of becoming professional photographers or pursuing the art in a serious manner.

There are several schools that may list from five to 10 principles of photography. These schools combine principles of design, graphic arts, fine arts and even marketing. However the one element these all agree is the element of light, and if you observe any object or scene, where there is light, there are shadows. The disposition of light and shadows make possible for us to see and identify objects. In photography the same disposition allows us to record an image in a photo-sensitive material. The manipulation of this light and the proper perspective give these images the artistic aspect.

Based on this, over 35 years of photographic work and the study of the work of great photographers like Ansel Adams and Eliott Erwitt I have developed my own concept about principles of photography. My concept, one I like to share with you, has a minimalistic approach. Keep it simple, less may be more. I call this my 3+1 concept, Subject, Composition, and Illumination plus ATTITUDE. Simple enough, won’t you agree?

You need a subject, one that is attractive, relevant and/or inspiring. As with any art form, you need to compose your work, make it understandable, captivate the audience. And to register the image you must have and manipulate illumination (light and shadows). The attitude part is entirely you. Do you have what it takes? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get the shot?


About the Author

Hector Rivera
Jacls_photo Aibonito, Puerto Rico

Born in NY City, NY and raised in Aibonito, Puerto Rico. Hector Rivera is a retired US Army Non-commissioned Officer with 27 years of service.During his lates deployment to Afghanistan he was dedicated to ensure the prompt return home of all Fallen Heroes. His passion in life is his family and the military service. Photography is his talent, developed early in his life. He is a graduate of "Casa Aboy" Photography Academy and has participated in numerous photographic art exhibition in Puerto Rico and the US.

Publish Date  October 05, 2013

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  60 pgs Premium Paper, lustre finish

Category  Arts & Photography

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Jacls_photo says

The summary introduces the topic very well. Always looking for easier ways to produce great quality photos. Your 3-1 concept invites photographers to want to explore your book. Also the cover exemplifies the title very well. I haven't had a chance to look through it yet, but I will because it has stroked my interest

Angel Field, Cockaide City Camera Club

posted at 12:15pm Oct 14 PST

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