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Waiting. It's something we all do in life. Some of us do it more patiently than others but the fact remains the same. We all wait for something. As a photographer, I have been intrigued with capturing images of the "Art of Waiting". I endeavored to capture the emotions that go along with waiting, for example, impatience, boredom, and excitement are all are expressed in these images.

I believe that photographs are storybooks of our time. Each image says something not only about what is in the photo, but also perhaps an insight into the photographer's perspective of life as well. I hope you will enjoy my storybook as much as I have enjoyed creating it.


About the Author

Elora Daphne Turci Viano
eloradaphne UK
Elora Daphne Turci Viano was born in Windsor, Canada in 1980. She was raised in a small town near Vancouver, then moved to Genoa, Italy where she lived for fourteen years. She now lives in the UK. She discovered photography in high school and has been passionate about it ever since. With the discovery of photography, first film, now digital, she has been able to communicate her thoughts and ideas to the world. The camera is an extension of her creative self. Thanks to the internet and the world of blogging and photoblogging, Elora manages to combine her photography with her life experiences and share them with the world.

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