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It will be difficult to forget the beneficial sense of peace that Faroe Islands can transmit, the impressive quantity of sheep, that never stopped to astonish us for their irreverence and peacefulness, birds and children, that are incredibly numerous and beautiful.
Landscapes that take your breath away and that make you feel so small in front of the greatness of nature, the perpetual sense of doubt connected to weather conditions, the silence of some places, where you can really feel excluded from the world for a while, the real world, the one the everyone knows, and you can get into a surreal dimension, a privilege of a few that is carefully and proudly kept.


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Alessio M.
webax Italy
Alessio M. is born in 1982 and lives near Milan, Italy. Fresh graduate architect and student of bio architecture, he loves animals, nature and meteorology. The passion for travels and photography got stronger when he was 20 years old, on the occasion of his first itinerant travel with his girlfriend, Barbara. Thereafter he started to observe the World only through the objective of his photo cameras, inseparable friends. Never satisfied of his photos, he always looks for new ideas to improve his technique and composition. Thanks to bio architecture and to photography, the contact with nature has become stronger and now he is vegetarian and supporter of various environmentalist and animal protection associations. Photography is not only a passion, but also a mission: let this obtuse society appreciate the wonders of Mother Nature, with the hope of a more sustainable future.

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yhafez02 says

I've been planning on visiting the Faroe Islands, now that I've gone to Iceland and Scandinavia. Your pictures are very seems it's a worthwhile trip. Nice work!

posted at 05:06pm Jul 22 PST


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