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It appears to me that I see few people anywhere who are beaming, joyful, or generally unafraid. What I do see are people that appear to be dissatisfied with their current lot in life, wanting more things which means more money and wanting respect but most of all desiring something that will ignite them now and spark their future. The future is the next moment, after work, the weekend, next year, things to look forward to that will make them happy, engage their whole heart. I know these people because I have been one of them, and still am at least a lot of the time.
I have had a life-long itch that I have been trying to scratch. This annoying irritant has led me continuously astray, chasing shadows that promise a revelation of my destiny which is tantamount to revealing the mysteries of life and of the universe. Do we humans have destinies? Good question. My instinct has always told me yes even though I can't subscribe to a fate that is unchangeable. Perhaps I have multiple destinies as some espouse, and have the innate ability, if I can find it, to pick the best one for me, to revise my fate.
I have come to discover that there are road signs, cairns, billboards, strange people who pop up here and there, portals that open to me unexpectedly. Some call these events déjà vu, synchronicity and my mentor called the big ones metanoias. I see them as stepping out of time so that I may get instructions albeit however veiled they might be. I have learned never to slough off coincidences, especially the big ones. But when I get very close I tend to run away and go through a backdoor I have neglected to lock.
A backdoor can mean many things. What is the difference among such things as a backup plan, a contingency plan, a retirement plan, an alternative plan and a backdoor?


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Kathy Bonham
kpbonham South Central, Virginia in Faber
Born in 1944 in Bluefield West Virginia, I have two years on the baby boomers. Johnson High School, in Japan, is my alma mater. I have been in every state in the USA and in my middle adulthood I traveled to a great many parts of the world. I spent about 31 years practicing law in Denver, Colorado and I now find myself transported to my early childhood backyard. I love photography and the study of outer space and inner space. I am a product of the 1960's.

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