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"SOUTH AFRICA's LAST STEAM WORKED SECONDARY MAIN LINE" The 170 km long railway from Bloemfontein to Kimberley was the last secondary main line in South Africa to utilise steam traction on a regular basis, only succumbing to full dieselisation during February 1990. The Author visited the line on more than forty occasions during the final decade or so of 'real steam activity', He also visited subsequently for special train events. The line was not an easy one on which to 'chase trains', with much of the roughly parallel road being unsurfaced, and often running a good distance from the railway, with many sections inaccessible if the train was to be seen again. The Author enjoyed a good relationship with the staff at the Kimberley Operating office, and quite often nominated locomotives were requested on specified trains, and invariably this would eventuate. This is a thick 240 page landscape format book (from $70), with outstanding photography. Background and technical information and a route map are included, as well as lively anecdotal commentary. Join the Author on a photographic odyssey of this often overlooked railway, where 4-8-4s ruled, but not exclusively. Indeed, ten different locomotive classes are depicted in this book. With the sort of perseverance shown by the Author, it was eventually possible to build up a photographic portfolio often featuring the results of effective utilisation of the lighting angles that only an east - west aligned railway route can offer. Extensive coverage of the highly photogenic Bloemfontein shed and visits to Beaconsfield shed are also included. This is the Author's 16th book, please enter Dennis Moore steam in the Blurb search engine for details of all the others. As always, a full and free preview is offered. PLEASE NOTE THAT AN EXPANDED 376 page very large landscape version of this book (twice the page size and 50% + more photographs) is also available under the title "Bloemfontein to Kimberley". See the relative entry.


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Dennis Moore
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A well known South African Railway Photographer, Dennis Moore is the author / photographer of two best selling books on South African steam locomotives , ' The Sunset Of Steam' and 'The Shimmer of Steel' . He has also published 20 (mostly very large) landscape format books on For a complete list and full details simply go directly to (India, Zimbabwe, East Germany are among the titles as well as the most extraordinary coverage of all things 'South African steam'). Magnificent photographs and design abound.. A well known exponent of night, silhouette and glint photography,the Author includes many examples of such work,but the scope is broad, covering the conventional and unusual approach to Steam photography. Lively anecdotal text and summaries are included. All Blurb books may be viewed (preview), in full, and for free.
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