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“Brand Universe, A Big Idea Marketing Strategy” builds on "What's The Big Idea?” by providing an implementation roadmap that helps guide the entrepreneur through the process of building a Brand Universe around their Big Idea Strategy. “Brand Universe” is sixty-five pages jam-packed with useful information that you can use to actually implement your Big Idea Strategy.

Here’s some of what’s included:
• 16 Brand Universe Ideas To Spark Your Imagination complete with photographic Illustrations, text explanations, and implementation examples.
• Marketing Strategy Using Brand Story Development
• Controlling Your Brand Image
• Self-Promotion Vs Brand Personality
• Social Media Pitfalls
• Why Brand Universe
• Brand Universe Structure
• Turning Story Into Brand Story with special emphasis on Web Video including in-depth discussions regarding critical implementation elements like The Message, The Medium, The Audience, The Environment, The Messenger, The Performance, The Look, The Sound, and The Words

If you’re frustrated with advertising that’s expensive and ineffective then perhaps it’s time to go back to the drawing board and look at marketing from a whole new perspective.

“Think of your brand as a self-contained universe, an eco-system filled with all the necessary elements that make for success. By looking at brand in this way, you eliminate all the extraneous irrelevances that just get in the way of delivering your essential marketing message, but like the universe itself, there are laws that govern behavior, and those laws shape what, how, and where you present your marketing communication.”
– Jerry Bader, “Brand Universe”

“Brand Universe” and "What's The Big Idea?” are written by Jerry Bader, Senior Partner at MRPwebmedia, a marketing communication firm that specializes in Web video and audio production. He is the author of over one hundred articles on online marketing. He can be reached at info@mrpwebmedia.


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MRPwebmedia Thornhill, Ontario Canada

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People ask, "What do you do?" You could say we inform, enlighten, innovate, and create; you could also say we deliver our clients' marketing messages in memorable ways using video, audio, webmedia campaigns and websites; all created in-house from concept to implementation, from graphic and motion design to Web-design, from script writing to video-production to post-production, from music composition to signature sound design.

What do we do? We motivate action by speaking to your audience's real needs. We tell your story so your brand, your message, embeds in the minds of your clients. We are corporate storytellers; we turn advertising into content, and content into a memorable experience.

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Publish Date  October 24, 2013

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