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This is the story of Terry, a young turtle who was born with his shell on his stomach instead of on his back. Being different has caused Terry to feel lonely, to be picked on at school, and to be nicknamed "The Awkward Turtle." Through a personal journey filled with magic, Terry learns that being different doesn't mean that he's weird or awkward, but that he's unique and special. For more on Terry, check out


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Russell Dauterman

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barberelli says

Very fun! I love it!

posted at 03:18pm Mar 09 PST


sharyndesign says

this is beautiful!! well done! check out my book 'Fifi the lost Fairy'! sharon :)

posted at 05:16am Jan 13 PST


rewind777 says

if he walked like the creepy old guy from "the unborn", hed be good to go... just throwin that out there lol

posted at 06:52pm Jan 12 PST


rewind777 says

The title of the book caught my attention, and the preview kept it. Good idea and wonderful artwork. Keep it up ;)

posted at 01:53pm Jan 09 PST


Weebeastie says

Just flicking through all of the childrens books and came across this one. I absolutely love it! Illustrations are beautiful :)

posted at 07:03am Dec 11 PST


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