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In the Fall of 2009 the concept of Strobox was brought to life through an iPhone app. In 2010, we created a community site to share the diagrams generated by that app. And in 2011, we published our first book. A few years later, you are holding in your hands the result of what has become our annual tradition - our 3rd volume. It contains a selection of fifty of the most amazing and popular photos shot by just as many talented community members from every category you can imagine.

Similar to previous volumes, we asked photographers to provide more detailed background and technical stories than are available on our website. Photos were chosen from a much bigger pool of those submitted during 2012 and Udi Tirosh helped to curate and select those that would make it into this book.

Similar to our previous volumes, Strobox vol. 3 seeks to showcase our collective achievements, acknowledge our top contributors, and most importantly, help us financially sustain our online community. We're also sharing profits with the photographers whose work you can see in the pages of this book.


About the Author
strobox Vancouver, BC, Canada

Lighting is one of the key factors to consider when taking a good photo. And even though we all know a great shot when we see one, it’s often difficult to understand just how it was lit. Until now, photos didn’t come with details of the lighting scheme. Our solution is to provide a place for all types of photographers to share how they set up that amazing photo. When you learn something, we’ve done well!

Publish Date  October 27, 2013

Dimensions  Small Square  108 pgs ProLine Uncoated Paper

Category  Arts & Photography

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