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We are all victims of the crisis brought by resource speculation. We find situations that are the mirror in which we have to look at ourselves.
The violence on citizens creating inequalities, granting amnesties to tax evaders while expelling families violently from their beds because they are unable to pay their mortgages.
These hopeless people have become "The Invisibles"

Todos somos víctimas de la crisis especulativa del gran capital. Nos encontramos con situaciones que son el espejo en el cual debemos mirarnos.
La violencia sobre los ciudadanos se produce creando desigualdades, concediendo amnistías a evasores fiscales mientras se expulsa a familias violentamente de sus casas por no poder pagar sus hipotecas.
Estas personas desahuciadas se han convertido en “Los Invisibles”.


About the Author


Rafael Roa has worked at internationl level since 1988 as a photographer and video maker.
His portfolio includes comercial photography, fashion and portrait for the mains magazines and newspapers and fashion designers.
During the 80´s he was the curator of “Image” , an Art Gallery specialized in artistic photography.
His photographs and videos have been exhibited in Art Galleries and Museums

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