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Book two from the series Faraway Nearby

The content of my books question what role is photography playing in our society now? Photography has changed radically and dramatically and to quantify this, every two minutes today we snap as many photographs as the whole of humanity took in the 1800’s. Photography is becoming a universal language just like speech is. It is not anymore just a craft, this is something that pervades everything we do on daily basis. Some of us spend nearly as much time looking at images on a screen as we do looking at the actual physical world. What is mediating our view of the world now is imagery, the screen. Photography is determining our inner reality. The mass amount of imagery we see today has created an unusual arena where there is a revival and more special treatment of the past and of objects and photographs from ‘back then’. There is not really a line of demarcation but there is a lineage that can be considered to be because of the mass amounts of imagery that makes us view the past even in a more pronounced form of nostalgia. Are we seeing a fetishisation, a ramping up or in contradiction even an elimination of nostalgia and our view of the past, because it is now so accessible to everyone in an instant ?

My works contain a personal and cultural compendium of photographs collected from immersion and detachment from the past and present from places of materiality and immateriality. I use the container of the book to produce a crossover between tangible and virtual worlds. I am merging a narrative of the present and the past in a way that is intermingled, not necessarily in linear form but almost in a circular motion and I think that is what the internet is doing. The past and the present are overlapping, and folding onto one another.


About the Author

Louise Andrew
LouiseA66 New Zealand
Louise Andrew was born and raised in the North of England and currently resides in New Zealand where she received her art education at the University of Auckland. She graduated with a BA Visual Arts in 2013.

Publish Date  November 04, 2013

Dimensions  Large Square  52 pgs ProLine Uncoated Paper

Category  Fine Art Photography

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