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This book is a compilation of the aircraft programs that were ongoing in Germany between the years 1940 and 1945. The projects were selected for their advanced technological content and their unorthodox approach to aircraft design. To the reader many of these programs may have a familiar look and that is not too surprising; since they were to be the inspiration and source of engineering data, for most aeronautical research work, that was to take place in the world throughout the later part of the century. Aeronautical development that took place in the West and also in the Eastern bloc had their beginnings in Germany during WW2. This trend was to continue for at least three decades following the end of hostilities in Europe. Familiar war-birds such as the Sabre Jet and the Mig 15 are direct descendants of projects which started at Messerschmitt and Focke Wulf. Who can deny the resemblance of those fighters that emerged in 1950’s to the Ta 153 and the ME P 1101 of the 1940’s. The so called groundbreaking supersonic Bell X series of aircraft flown by legendary test pilot Chuck Yeager in the 1950’s had their beginnings in the high-speed research programs of the Nazi regime (8-346 supersonic research aircraft). The material in these volumes includes more engineering data than our earlier book. A wise engineer once said that unless you could quantitate a fact it was of little value. Following this thought, data is assigned to each project as far as possible to the aircraft appearing in these volumes. The project material in this book has been arranged so that the manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order, making it more convenient for the reader to follow the development work that was proceeding in the company’s advance design offices (“Skunk-Works”). Although it is true that many of these projects never survived to see the light of day, as full grown aircraft weapon systems. They never the less did have an influence on the future of aviation development.


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davideo4301 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University. Worked as an Aircraft Structures Engineer in industry and governments for over forty years (1960 to 2003). Specialized in structural design, stress analysis, metal fatigue, fracture mechanics and aircraft structural integrity programs. Currently retired with an interest in aviation.

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