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What a child believes...what a grown-up assumes? The path of learning is a lifelong one, and yet we pick up so much extra baggage along that path that the simple can become complex, and the obvious hidden. Dr. Margaret Robinson has spent her professional career in and around education, teaching infants through to Advanced Level students; has worked at a local level as a lay member on Health & Ethics Committees & spent many decades informing political thought through her time on national panels. Reflecting, observing & studying throughout, she achieved her Masters degree externally at the University of Hull, and followed that with a Doctorate at the same institution. It is this last degree that provided the final thesis that forms the basis of this book - but, accepting the premise that the path to learning is never fully walked, Dr. Robinson has expanded her original academic research to encompass what she has continued to observe & study since that work was completed, and presents here in book form her developed Theory of Learning & Personal Development. The text is punctuated by full-colour illustrations that progress towards the conclusion of the book, where her theory is given structure through a series of developmental diagrams, and culminates in a model that gives visual representation to the text that precedes it.


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Rob & Sarah Robinson
IKBandBC Suffolk, United Kingdom

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