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The official prehistory of the Philippine Archipelago is still presented in an
out-dated manner:  based on a fixation withTaiwan and with limited linguistic evidence that do not at all reflect latest scientific findings.  Moreover the Negritos are radically omitted from such studies. This investigation is an attempt to interconnect results of genetic research with elements of prehistoric material culture. Its primary aims are to develop and demonstrate a forensic roadmap to Philippine prehistory and to introduce the objective use of
a Cultural Marker Code (CMC).


About the Author

Reg Zell
tigerclaw Bures sur Yvette
Reg Zell holds a degree in Communication Design from the University of Applied Sciences at Augsburg, Germany, and did post-graduate studies at Kingston University London. - Encouraged by the late Director of the Philippine National Museum, Fr. Gabriel Casal, Reg Zell began publishing in 2000 the results of his research on the Negritos of the Philippines that considered recent scientic findings and reevaluated their material and intangible culture. - His biography of the Irish-born John M. Garvan, eminent Negrito reseracher, has been praised by the Austrian Prof. Dr. Hermann Hochegger, SVD, Moedling, a Negrito specialist. - During a regional museums conference held in September 2012 at the Hubei Provincial Museum in Wuhan, China, Reg Zell addressed delegates from around the world on the general indifference to the history and culture of the Negritos, and his intention to create a virtual museum in 2013 consecrated solely to this indigenous population and which will be known as VMN.

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