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This book I like to think of as a self-help book. The story is of a man who loses his children and gives up on life. depression takes over and he no longer functions in society. The book offers hope to people dealing with depression by showing them one mans struggle and that even though he never gets out of his depression, the book is designed to self-help yourself to finding the good in life and not letting this happen to you by reaching for God and discovering the peace of nature and realizing that yes we are tired, but God has a plan for each one of us.

I have added toward the end of the book a chapter of photography of nature and short quotes of a positive nature that I hope will find someone struggling a peacefulness in Hope! A hope for a future of blessings.


About the Author

Cheryl Ann Victoria, E (Angel Cher)
angelcher NJ

I have been a photographer for quite a few years. I have published a few other books. I keep it simple and interesting changing moods, views and feelings. The pictures have their own language and speak clearly to you. The poetry is sad but inspirational. (As we all have sad times in life to deal with! we don't worry when we are happy ~ It's the sad times that are hard to get by!) I offer some light at the end of tunnels in some short stories ~ All with the intention to say "It's all good and OK" even in all that is bad, there is good and so many blessings! As far as I go... well, I have seen almost all of this world I could and I make time to see all the hidden treasures and blessings God left here for us. I make the best of my time near lakes and trails and with the wildlife. my first blessing ~ My Daughter, I thank God for. I thank God for My Family, Friends and animals and for the patience and love of photography and sharing His beauty.


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