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Adam Harris (Analog Adam) is an amateur photographer from Portland, Oregon. This book highlights his style of shooting diverse subjects and landscapes using an array of vintage film cameras. No digital manipulation has been made to any of the photographs. Photos are all high quality scans of the original film negatives. "One" is Adam's first book with the hopes of more to follow. He's passionate about this and would love your feedback! To learn more about Adam and see more of his work and vision, please visit
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Adam Harris
analogadam Portland

My name is Adam. I am not a professional photographer, although I've become a sincerely passionate one. My only prior experience with photography was as a teenager, using a shitty automatic camera, attempting to take candid shots of people in urban areas. It was a short lived burst of me trying to capture something sincere.

Twenty years later I'm in need of a hobby that can dedicate some of my creativity into something artistic. I'm giving photography another shot, but this time with a tactful mindset, zeal and commitment. I want to develop this into a personal online art project using a diverse array of cameras, styles and subject matter. I want all my cameras to be vintage, unique and just shoot film. I want to learn all of the suited aspects of the art, but I want my perspective to be my own. I will not touch up any photos with digital manipulation (except the

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