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ISBN 978-0-9821330-3-3
Walk through the woods, discovering all the beautiful things that nature hides. During this peaceful walk, a pair of White-breasted Nuthatch’s are found building their nest in a very large Oak Tree. The methods used are amazing!  Nature expose's it’s beautiful secrets, but also shows it’s darker side in this story about love and devotion between these lovely birds.

Enjoy the twists and turns that Nature takes as a pair of White-breasted Nuthatch’s attempt to raise a family in a southern Wisconsin wetland.  Follow the pair from their choice of a nest site to the end of their family raising experience thru 60 images and text.
Fun, easy to read aloud to children or grandchildren and teach as well as entertain. The outstanding photography tells the story, the words provide the detail to make it complete. Feel as though you are in the Oak savanna with the wildlife all around you as you follow a chapter in the life of these birds... One with a surprising ending.  

Important to all of us, especially children, is to be able to recognize & know something about Birds. Their actions tell us about their inmate world, while at the same-time telling us how our world is changing.


About the Author

Dianne J. Bell
iwarbler Pleasant Prairie, WI
I was given a second chance to see the wonderful world of nature around me after receiving organ transplant donations of corneas to replace the disease ravaged ones I had been trying to see through. I feel compelled to share this vision with those who do not have the opportunity to get out and take part in the beautiful world of birds and animals. Dianne Bell is a freelance photographer/writer who writes about birds and bird life. She self publishes her books. Dianne brings the birds to a more personal level.  She lives with the birds and discovers unique things that can only be seen in an up-close and personal level.  Her beautiful photography delves into the private side of the subject, showing secrets that nature does not readily release to the casual observer.  The descriptive text provides the details to support the story behind the photo's.

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