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When I first started experimenting with editing pictures I had taken with my "good" camera (I have a Nikon camera), there was no rhyme or reason to the direction I took. My husband would ask me what I was doing, and since I honestly did not yet know, I simply said "arting.".

The term "arting" stuck, partly because it amused us and partly because it was a very quick way to tell my husband that I was focused and to leave me the crap alone.

While this book does not tell a story, and I would be hard-pressed to find any kind of theme, my favorite Photoshop editing tool (smudge) pops up pretty frequently. I hand-smudged 10 of the 20 images in this book, and one (Blue) took over 3 hours to do. Other pictures took no more than 20 minutes, and a few aren't edited at all.

The inclusion of famous quotes that I feel describe the image came out of me looking at the very first image and thinking "This is cool. What is it saying?". Not being a brilliant wordsmith, I decided to have the masters give you something to think about when you look at these images.


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Publish Date  November 18, 2013

Dimensions  Large Square  42 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Arts & Photography

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