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The making of this book was truly a labor of love which required the same amount of effort, passion and dedication as the preparations for my own wedding. The similarities between the two endeavors were really quite striking in fact, and the working conditions were not always the best in either case. The amount of planning and logistics involved in both cases was nearly overwhelming. The unexpected ruled much of the day in both cases, and while at times it was merely entertaining to see what might happen next, there were also times when I was sure either the event would disintegrate into chaos, or else I would collapse in a gibbering heap of anything but nuptial bliss. Holding myself to the same high standards for this book as I did for my own wedding resulted in even additional burdens, and at times it seemed like nothing would be completed on time or within the allotted budget. Only with faith, perseverance, patience (I’ll admit to some blood, sweat and tears too!) and the help and support of all of you – suppliers, readers, friends, family, artists and colleagues, would either of these marvelous events come to fruition. I especially would like to thank my mentor and my husband John Cloutman for believing in me all the way.

In the end, my wedding turned out to be a fabulous, miraculous, incredibly memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was only with this knowledge that I could keep thinking positively, writing creatively, and producing faithfully the work you now see before you. I can only hope you find as much joy, information and entertainment in this special book as I have had in its development and creation.

The highlights and most extremely memorable events during this whole process were the opportunities to work with some of the Philippine wedding industries’ finest suppliers. The passion and hard work that the whole team poured into every pictorial and photo shoot was nothing short of excellent. We gave it our all. To be able to take part in some of our local premier Bridal events and Expos was also very rewarding and made every little ache and sore muscle worthwhile at the end of the day. For the very first time, I was actually witnessing the harmony and healthy camaraderie of businesses that were under one roof serving a common interest.

In conclusion, as my own wedding served as testimony to my faith and devotion to one love under God, please let "The Modern Balikbayan Bride" serve as my testament to the pride and pleasure that is achieved in works of faith and devotion to ones' craft. I give a toast to the Philippine wedding suppliers who gave a whole new meaning to the word “Marriage”. Your evolution, reinvention and creativity truly put us back on the map as World Class Individuals! May you all be so blessed and richly rewarded. -KC

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About the Author

Kaye Cloutman
Cloutwoman San Francisco CA
You could say that I am a Jane of all trades. From concocting potions, to training people from the wellness industry and doing a little bit of writing and personality development seminars to would-be moms and career women back in Asia. I found I was spreading myself too thinly over all of my chosen endeavors so early in 2004, I finally gave some allegiance to myself, my life and my daughter. I settled down and relocated to the United States after years of service to others in Asia. I was very fortunate to tie the knot with John, a Silicon Valley Maverick who helped empower me and so I was instantly introduced to the world of gears and gadgetry. I then immersed myself with digital art, graphic layout, web design and video editing. I have always been fascinated with film and photography so it was like second nature for me to be sucked in to the whole techie stuff.

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januscarl says

I'd rather surf the net than reading books before but it changed when I met my Filipina bride. She loves reading especially love related books and I think this is one of my gifts for her.
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posted at 11:42pm Jan 18 PST


pannudds says

Just browsed through the book preview..amazing pics and content, very tasteful. Can't wait to get our dental photo book project accomplished with help of your expert talent.

posted at 09:54pm Jul 29 PST


tuti says

I know Kaye from the time she was making perfumes and concocting peppermint foot spas. If she makes a book, I'm sure it will be very feminine, sexually appealing, and irresistibly delightful.

posted at 06:09pm Jul 24 PST

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