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This show presents the art works of 15 Kurdish Artists from all over Kurdistan of both genders, from North to South and East to West of the largest stateless nation of the world. It is sponsored by London 8th Kurdish Film Festival. We are pleased to have the opportunity to show Kurdistan in colours and forms to the audiences of the festival. We hope this show will be the start of combining fine art with films, and make the festival richer and wider.

The participating artists in the show are:
1- Avan Abdullah
2-Amang Mardokhy
3-Dara Aram
4-Fuat Atas
5-Haji Khanim
6-Jasim Ghafur
7- Jwan Butimar
8-Mariwan Jalal
9-Namiq Hama
10-Rebwar Saeed
11_Rebwar Hamid
12-Renas Arif
13- Simko Ahmed
14-Soran Hamawandi
15-Yadgar Ali

Art statement
It is not easy for imaginative flowers of Artists and Writers to grow freely. Yet the slow rain of freedom falls through intervening hardships of civilization and the fertile land embraces all truths. The freedom to express, to hear, to work and create requires we artists to maintain a pure nature so that we can understand nature itself. We need a free tongue to sing a free song. We have to break the chains that shackle our hands so that we can draw our tablets faithfully.
Art is a humanitarian and colorful message, where conception fingers dance on the vocals of idea, beauty and reality. The artist posts a message into the human conscience with the wideness of conception -- eyes light and love of the human heart travel the right and wide roads of history. If the artist's message is not one of human affairs and the means of freedom and equality, then history's gate is never opened and the artist remains a dweller outside history, blind of the future.
I believe art is a violin, its substance a bow on the strings of conception. A beautiful symphony cannot be played with wry fingers of dark and reactionary thought, but can with hands that never clap to crime exploitation and never vote for darkness.


About the Author

Baran Art Association
simko28 London. UK

(Baran Art Association) is an International Artist Group that has no boundaries or borders. Our mission is to facilitate cultural exchange between artists from different countries while promoting peace and a civil society in both advanced and developing countries.
We aim to be a bridge between artists from developing countries and more advanced countries. Through our brushes we hope to repaint this troubled world with the colour of paradise. Baran Art Association is encouraging artists from anywhere in the world to participate.
It is our aim to promote these global artists works in our festivals and biennales. Our art shows will be held in diverse locals around the world, from war devastated areas such as Kurdistan, Iraq to cities in more advanced countries such as Japan, Asia, Europe and The United States.
Baran Art Association will help to raise the voices of artists in the third world by promoting their creativity and providing an opportunity to have their work shown to

Publish Date  November 20, 2013

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