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There, There Little Square introduces you to a cast of characters including:
+ an educated cow
+ cat in search of a motto
+ bumbling bee
+ gang of fleas conquering the Universe
+ forgetful mouse
+ butterfly with a PhD.
+ flying moose
+ an elegant elephant
+ Wordy Birdy
+ and more!

But don't take our word for it, just look at what some animal kingdom, literary experts are saying. In Wordy Birdy's Weekly Literary Review, from April 42nd, the bird wrote:

"A light-hearted book,
guaranteed to make you look,
at how you see your Universe,
filled with wonder and full verse.

In these complex times,
truly light-hearted rhymes,
for young and old minds. "
- Wordy Birdy, Chief Editor, Daily Seed Feed.


About the Author

Erik Gottlieb
erikg1234 U.S.A.

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