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In 2004 I attempted to obtain my grandfather’s Army personnel records and discovered he had not received all of his WWII medals. This story is a documentary of the events surrounding me obtaining those medals. He passed away in 1974. The last ten pages of the book are all the pictures from my grandfather’s, Les Meade’s, war album. Included in the pictures are many heroes whose names and stories were lost when my grandfather passed away in 74’. He found the camera that was used to take the pictures on the battlefield. There are several pictures of F Company of the 505th as my grandfather wrote on the back of about 30 pictures. So, I’m guessing he was attached to Foxtrot. All together there are close to 200 pictures. Prior to him joining the 505th he fought with the 551st PIB during The Battle of the Bulge until the unit was disbanded in Jan of 45'. The names listed on the back of the pictures with text are, to my best interpretation: Capt. Singlar, Capt. McDonald, Lt Trusdale, Frances Cook, Gualey, Jim Przymuski, Mumm, Capt Stomps, Francis Perkins, Stan Pakel, Brose Polly, Carl Hummil, and Sgt. McCloud. -Written in November of 2008. Until March 31st, 2014 I thought he fought with the 509; however, I just confirmed that he was with the "Lost Battalion of WWII", a GOYA of the 551st. Another update will be coming soon.


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