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The American West has been a major source of inspiration to me. There are seemingly unlimited landscapes to explore. Although those unseen intriguing places entice me, I am also drawn back to those places I have visited and fallen in love with. The slickrock national parks of the Southwest, the Sierra Nevada, the Cascades, the Rockies, the Columbia River Gorge, the rugged coast from California to Washington, the wildflower fields of northern California and the astounding wildflower displays in the land of little rain all want me back. How can I refuse?

These photographs reflect my deep connection to the beauty of the West. One of its unique attractions, for me, is its diversified and vast wildflower displays. I hope you enjoy these photographs, and I encourage you to visit these national treasures. Enjoy the wildflowers wherever you find them.

Don Jacobson
Portland, OR
March 2007


About the Author

Don Jacobson
donj Portland, OR 97215

I see the world differently now. The camera, which narrows the field of vision, has actually expanded my vision. When I realized I was viewing reality as if it were a series of photographs, I initially questioned that perspective. Now, I know my perception is enhanced and enriched from my pursuit of photography. An already dynamic and interesting world has become more so.

I am delighted by quality of light, vibrancy of color, unexpected and often unnoticed detail. The stunning structure of an orchid, the intricate ornamentation on an older building, or dishes stacked in a dish drainer are fascinating to me. Abstractions and patterns are richer and invite investigation. My choice of subject matter is limitless. Anything that appeals to my eye is fair game for my camera.

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