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One summer evening while Mr. Hubbard is sound asleep, a mysterious breeze blows through his window and carries his neglected heart into the dark night. Mr. Hubbard departs on an urban adventure to search for it. As the seasons change and winter looms ahead, he meets some kindred spirits who have also fallen on hard times. They form a little pack and join the search. Their companionship shows Mr. Hubbard what he needs to find his heart.


About the Author

Kathryn Freeman
I wrote and illustrated Mr. Hubbard’s Heart for people of all ages. The inspiration for the story came one day in 1995 when I was walking in the city with my two small children. A homeless man huddled in a doorway shouted at us as we walked past him. We were startled, and my children were saddened that the man was cold and alone. I began to tell them all the possible reasons that a person might find himself in that place in life, and Mr. Hubbard was born. I continued to work on the story off and on for many years, adding text and paintings until I felt that Mr. Hubbard’s story had been told. The form of the story is based on early Renaissance altarpieces, in which episodes from the life of a saint are depicted in little predella paintings that lie below a much larger painting of the saint above. The paintings for this story are done in gouache on board. All the animals are based on creatures I have known and loved. The story confirms my belief that humans and animals need each other

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