Click to preview The Sanctuary For Wild Animals By Joanne Crawford photo book

Portraits, of a Sanctuaries Wildlife,
What they were rescued from, and lots of great photos of Tigers, Lions , Bears, wolves, mountain lions, Leapords, and more.
The Book is to leet one see and appreciate all the work and love the Sanctuary has put into saving these wild animals lives. Just to see and appreciate them healthy and well. Thanks to Pat Craig His vision, for restoring some freedom to these animals, that were needing help. Not too many care or volunteer for this kind of job. I believe ( the sanctuary says, saving one animal may not change the world, but for that animal its world is changed forever) You will be donating $20 to the Rocky Moutain Wildlife Conservation Center, in Keensburg, Colorado USA Thank you!


About the Author

joanne crawford
photpgrapher wellington Colorado United states

Born and raised in Montana, Loved art and wildlife. Moved to Colorado 21 years ago, started painting wildlife full time. A Radiator blew up in my eyes, causing me to loose almost all of my eyesight. 9 months later Jesus healed my eyes in a moment in a church service. I have been loving Photography even more because I'm convinced that Most people miss the finer details all around them everyday. Every time I focus on something living, it reminds me, of my miracle.

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