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“¡¡Absolutamente brillante!! Es un libro fantástico, ¡enhorabuena! Una visión muy completa sobre la ciudad, su gente y paisajes.” — Héctor Jiménez, Periodista, Diario de Burgos

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A fresh take on Burgos, Spain through the eyes of Mufidah Kassalias and Sean M. Madden, an Anglo-American couple who lived in the city for seven months from September 2012 to April 2013.

Throughout, they spent much of their time exploring Burgos on foot, getting to know its many nooks and crannies, and photographing everything from the Cathedral to the nitty gritty.

Using Instagram, they captured the city that captured their hearts. This book contains 367 of their 1,400+ Instagram photos of Burgos, both city and province.

Their photographs quickly attracted attention on Twitter and Instagram. By late November, Mufidah and Sean were featured in the Diario de Burgos, in “Burgos con Filtro” by Héctor Jiménez. A follow-up article was published exactly a year later, on 25 November 2013.


Una fresca mirada a Burgos, España a través de los ojos de Mufidah y Sean, una pareja anglo-americana que se instalaron durante siete meses, de septiembre de 2012 a abril de 2013, en la ciudad.

A lo largo de este periodo, emplearon mucho tiempo en explorar Burgos a pie, descubriendo sus atractivos y aquellos que no lo son tanto, y fotografiando cada rincón desde la catedral hasta los más pequeños detalles.

Valiéndose de Instagram, “capturaron” la ciudad que atrapó sus corazones. Este libro contiene 367 de las más de 1400 fotos de Burgos en Instagram, tanto de la ciudad como de la provincia.

Sus fotografías atrajeron con rapidez a los usuarios de Twitter e Instagram. A finales de noviembre, Mufidah y Sean aparecieron en el Diario de Burgos, en ”Burgos con filtro”, firmado por Héctor Jiménez.


About the Author

Mufidah Kassalias & Sean M. Madden

Mufidah Kassalias and Sean M. Madden are two slow travelers who, in May 2012, swapped their conventional lifestyle in England for a more nomadic existence.

As digital nomads, they’re able to work wherever they happen to be — as long as they have a good WiFi connection and a stove upon which to place their Bialetti.

Over the course of their travels, Mufidah and Sean have camped, CouchSurfed, rented an apartment, and become house- and pet-sitting aficionados.

You’ll find them on Instagram and Twitter — @Mufidah and @SeanMMadden — where they’re happy to connect with readers and fellow Instagramers.

You can also follow their travels via their respective websites: | |

Publish Date  December 03, 2013

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