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Let me take you to South America, where I will show you some of the wonders of this simply amazing continent. This multiple book effort is the result of meticulous planning, necessary sacrifice, hard work and a penchant for adventure as it was all done on a 4 month trip through a good portion of South America.

In this Volume, my tour mates and I go to the fantastical wonderland of Patagonia to undertake the physically strenuous yet amazing W-Trek. After a brief journey through Argentinean Patagonia (Volume 1), we make our way into the sleepy town of Pucon: Home to the Villarica Volcano. From here we rest in comparative luxury in the city of Santiago before making our way back into Argentina (Volume 1). After a few more weeks spent in Argentina, we head into the amazing landlocked country of Bolivia. High up in the Andes Altiplano, Bolivia is home to the surreal Uyuni Salt Flats as well as some interesting towns and cities that are distinctly different from each other. Eventually we finish up in La Paz, the highest capital city in the world!


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Having taken up photography as a serious hobby in the last couple of years, I've come to embrace the multitude of different disciplines of photography. When I'm taking photos on trips I find myself switching from landscape to street to portrait to night photography and enjoy the challenge of creating a good photo but I also try and get my travel photography to tell a story. For me, I am still in search of that one great shot but I am also aware of the fact that my collection of photos has the potential to tell a great story that one photo cannot.

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