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Viktor Marosi's first photo book deals with his six-year photographic activity. From the studies in the very first period to the most recent professional works - including portraits of the world-renowned composer, David Bowie's pianist, Mike Garson. Marosi's efforts to constantly improve his technical knowledge and his curiosity led him to produce this book, choosing 65 of thousands of his photographs.

Marosi's photographic polygamy mirrors his personality. This is why the book is divided into three plus one chapters. ONE. contains those photographs that he took during his residency in the United States and his travels around Europe; in TWO. one can see the influences of masters he adores; THREE. deals with the beauty of the environment we live in, providing photo series the first time. And the last chapter got the title + ONE. Because it contains images that already are surrounded by trends and professional need, dealing with less accidental impulse.


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