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This book contains art images of the nude female form in photographs, etchings, engravings, woodcut, sculptures and painting. The commonality that unites us all is our human body. The intense pleasure produced by our sensory manifestations is that of beauty. Beauty has been found in the human figure since the dawn of human existence; each age and culture finding their own version of beauty in its form. Today we are presented with a narrow view of the beautiful-body, but beauty transcends the transient mood of the times. Beauty manifests when our senses are aroused: sounds that delight, smells that entice, tastes that please, touches that thrill, shape and colour we see or an abstract ‘something’ that stirs the heart.
In creating these works, I have explored the abstract and the representational in seeking to find beauty beyond the physical and the stereotypical.
When we look at a cloud or into the dancing flames of a fire, it is our imagination, perhaps triggered by our sub conscious that allows us to see images of fantasy or altered reality.
Abstraction, in its truest sense, is a distortion or alteration of something that was originally representational.
If we look closely at something that is "real" we may see in its depths, something that we cannot identify. Something abstract. Abstraction allows us to see beyond the basic shapes and forms that make-up our physical world, into the fabric of our own existence.
Representational art works may be enjoyed for their shape, form or colour; or they might trigger something beyond the sensory: a feeling, a distant memory or an ungraspable taste of the intangible.
The essence of beauty can be found in the simplicity of the symmetry of the human form, nature, objects that have been changed by humans, decay and our imagination.


About the Author

Chris Hutchinson
ChrisHutchi Melbourne Victoria Australia

Chris Hutchinson is influenced by the beauty he sees around him, whether that is in nature or the human figure. As a visual artist, Chris captures the essence of this beauty with a wide variety of mediums including printmaking, photography, sculpture and painting.
Coming from a long lineage of artists, Chris found means of expression from his creativity throughout his life. His full expression was realised in 2004 when chose to leave a successful career in Electronics and IT to pursue his passion.

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