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HOW LIFE WENT TO THE DOGS ... My Affinity for dogs began when I was just a child. While walking home one crisp fall afternoon, I took a shortcut down a street I usually did not wander. The site of a beautiful German Shepherd sleeping on a stoop stopped me in my tracks. It must have sensed me staring and lifted its majestic head to check me out. Our eyes met and that was it for me. Love, puppy love.
I was raised around all types of wonderful animals, but none had quite the same effect on me as that dog. So from that magical moment on I vowed to have one. And have one I did. In fact, I've spent my entire life with a German Shepherd by my side.
I've photographed far more dogs than people. Slept with more too! I don't remember a time when I haven't attempted to dust off the sheets only to crawl in with sand, dog hair and all. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Some might say I love dogs more than people. To that I say not true, but they are indeed easier to love.
In this book there are many breeds, all beautiful, faithful, fun creatures I've met along the way. I can't imagine a life without dogs ... hope I never have to.


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Kelly Cioffi
Rockfalls61 Englewood, Florida

Publish Date  December 10, 2013

Dimensions  Small Square  102 pgs   Premium Paper, lustre finish

Category  Arts & Photography

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