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The Next Chapter: Depicting the History Long Battle Between Heaven and Hell. Don Steven, a professor on One Hand and the Head of Network Cartel Fights Against the Dark Minister for Wealth and Power...
The theme, best described perhaps: is the fight, I guess to be quite blunt, the aberration of modern-day counter terrorism. A stand against certain forms of blasphemy, eco-terrorism, and business terrorism. The book, although designated as fiction, first, truly does carry a tone of mystery and, I would say, suspense. The Holy War is a story depicting the historical war between heaven and hell: the struggle for power and wealth: resources and capitol; paradigm subsistence; for within the current state today, as an author, I try to illustrate, at the best of my abilities, what I do see taking place, quite paradoxically speaking, within a non-confrontational fashion.
The setting of the story takes place today, within the institution of a University, and also taking setting in certain aspects of Europe: Italy: Venice, Rome, and Milan. I tried, as an author to incorporate certain underlying traits, into the text: seduction; vanity; greed; betrayal; compromise; and also, love.
Steven Ojikistain, who is the main character in the text: a young professor, also the head of a string-line cartel fights against a dark minister, in order to obtain the right of passage, for religious security, resources, wealth, and religious doctrine. He ventures throughout the world, and also into the mystical state: state of illusion: for he travels into hell accompanied by a knight, and makes many observations, as to what he notices in each aspect hell.
Draconic and ocular metaphors; figurative and symbolic expressions are brought into light, as well: for what we see as precedence; in description of places, settings, that we can relate to and that also can bring us together, as peoples.


About the Author

Ikaika Tsukiyama
Currently a proud author in Blurb, Amazon, and also within the Italian Book Club: please come and support the writing... ( Thanks to Blurb & Booksmart, and also Amazon, I am now a published author; for 2 years!!! Goodness, many things inspire me as a writer: Real-life situations: what I have experienced in my life; trials and tribulations; positive memories, also, what I have seen, the places I've traveled...some of the dreams that I can remember... You know, rarely someone is blessed with a second chance...a rare gift or trait, I decided to give it back to the world...

Publish Date  December 10, 2013

Dimensions  Small Square  74 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Entertainment



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