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This is a 40 page book measuring 32cm by 27cm.

A selection of 32 photographs by Paul Hardy Carter. The photographer uses simple equipment - black and white film, a standard 50mm lens - to capture the world as he passes through it.

The pictures in this book are from many European countries: Spain, England, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Slovakia. They are all full frame, in other words not "cropped", and are not manipulated in the darkroom or in post production.

The book includes an introduction in which the photographer discusses his approach and technique.

This is a collection of fine pictures from a photographer who does what he knows best, and does it well.

PLEASE NOTE: The price includes the Custom Workflow charge, to achieve maximum print quality, and the Premium Paper supplement.


About the Author

Paul Hardy Carter
P-H-C London

I develop projects that I’m interested in, raise the money to do them, then try to sell the pictures. I work very simply: black and white 35mm, one lens. There is some work from Europe on my website. Places on my ‘radar’ are: Kosovo, Algeria & Morocco, Sri Lanka, Laos. I just love wandering around with a camera in my hand.

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