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TeatroInRivolta / 2002-2013: 11 years on stage

There is a man at the end of the tunnel, a man digging with a fork, chewing the ground and waiting for the rain. And there's a girl at the end of the night , forced to beat his heels on the asphalt, while the cold biting the skin. There is a philosopher who waits at the end of the corridor, while the guards prepare the pyre. And there's a woman without a shoe, held hostage by a madman , who speaks to us from the end of the city. There is also a lonely clown , who lives, dance and falls at the end of a wall, and there are 2 , 3, 4, 5 women fighting with naked hearts, against a train that destroys everything, at the end of the valley. Women and men, men and women who speak to us from the depth of the world, showing us the way to the sky. We have chosen 6 performances produced by ourself, among the many products in 11 years of life, and we have created this photo book. A collection of moments captured by different photographers, with different lights, in different times and places, but sharing the same narrative necessity: a burning desire to win the abyss. The young prostitute held in slavery by their pimps, the revolutionary anarchist prisoner in a concentration camp, or the women of the Susa Valley who fight against a devastating rail project, speak to us from the edge, from the extremity, from the last frontier. Peripheral creatures that break the silence with the strength of their actions, teaching us that the first form of resistance is the defense of our inner freedom.

Many thanks,

Marcello Serafino


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