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Three years ago I stayed in India for 4 months. Before I went there I bought a small IXUS 55 and took it with me. I found over 300 slippers in Diu, India. I found them on the beach, on the street, in a waste dump and many of them close to a place, where the indians burn the corpses. In India there is a totally different culture of waste. Almost everything, which is thrown away, will be used from someone other. But it seems that the slippers remain untouched. I started documenting the slippers I found with my camera.

After arriving in Germany I discovered different platforms in the internet, where you can share your pictures with other photographers, in "flickr" from all over the world and in "" from Germany. After dozens of years of not taking pictures I found
a new passion in photography. Since then I see the world around me with different eyes. I always wanted to stop time from running so fast. With my camera it seems to work. With it I am in the present and I can catch the moment.

I am documenting my everyday life, my kids, my travels and my work. 10 hours a week I spent in the train and the railway stations. Plenty of time for taking pictures and improving them on my labtop. My kids are my models, the most expensive ones. They don´t act as actors, they are themselves. This is what I want to catch. Since I am an architect, I was always concerned about space, perspective, pro-portions, materials and light. Architecture is the stage for the drama of the human life. We are travelers in time. I want to catch the transient moment


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Hari Roser
slipperb Stuttgart/ Freiburg, Germany

Publish Date  December 11, 2008

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hari the book looks amazing!

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