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The title of this book, “Modern Day Common Sense” is a reference back to the 1776 work of Thomas Paine, entitled “Common Sense”. In those trying Colonial times full of political upheaval and economic uncertainty, Paine wrote a book using plain language to speak to the common people of America. In it he challenged the authority of the British government and the royal monarchy. It was a widely distributed work which was read aloud at taverns and discussed openly in community meeting places. The words it contained were so moving that even George Washington had it read to all of his troops.

The Great American Society, as it once was, has fallen into a period of caustic political discord and social discontent. Our economy has suffered large losses. And our once envious system of respectful and public political discourse lies in shambles.

Yet, true to the American Spirit, the author of this book has hope, and believes in the American people. The people of the United States, under a government of and by the people, hold the power to effect change. So often individuals feel overwhelmed by the complexities of our system, and confused by the information and misinformation we are fed by the media. This book is meant to encourage a discussion and provoke debate between the reader and his/her fellow Americans. It pulls information from various sources and cites where it gets its information. By using plain english, it is accessible to anyone without regard to prior knowledge, ability, or status. It should not take but a few hours to read. The author only asks that you do not keep it to yourself. Share the book with a friend or college, post about it on social media, send a copy to a relative. But most importantly, share your thoughts and opinions about this book with others because only through meaningful political dialogue are we part of a government of, by and for the people.


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Bradford Carlton

Publish Date  December 23, 2013

Dimensions  Trade  108 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Literature & Fiction

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