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In today`s digital world, analogue photography is for anyone who has the desire to put themselves to the test, to experiment and to find again, in the age of the “everything now”, the pleasure of the wait, the magic of the surprise and, why not, also some disappointing results! Analogue photography, now more than ever, is for who still has the pleasure of getting excited! This photobook collects the finalist photos of Fluster Magazine`s SWAPPA Photo Contest based on the film swapping technique where a double exposure is made by swapping film between two people from different corners of the planet. It is a collaborative technique where distant places can mix in the same picture and people who never met can find one another in the same shot. It is not like rationally overlapping two images with Photoshop, with film swapping the film had actually travelled between two different countries, the roll was physically there, in those two places thousands of kilometers away and there is no way to predict the final results until the film is processed. This book wants to be a celebration of analogue randomness, visual serendipity and inspiring beauty!


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